From the Desk of Ed Gentry:

Did you know that WW has released the WoD CS, the entire CS in PDF for free?


Wow! Great find.

To clarify, this isn't the campaign setting, but the rules book. WoD has several interwoven settings (Vampire, Werewolf, Mage) for which a single rule system applies. But to actually roll up a Vampire character you will need to buy the Vampire book.

This doesn't make the rules book any less of a find. (I just downloaded it myself.) When I decided to enter the WW fiction contest, money was tight. After much painful deliberation, I bought the Vampire books and passed up the rules book. (For a novel I needed the fluff more than the rules system.) But now, thanks to Ed and Drive Thru RPG, I have both. :)

Making it to round two was worth $50, pretty much what I spent on the books, so at this point I've broken even with White Wolf. That's pretty much all a gambler – or writer – can hope for. :)


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