War of the Witch Queen!
War of the Witch Queen
Which actually has nothing to do with the esteemed Mr. Salvatore's book. Unfortunate timing, there.

But it has a lot to do with slimy monsters, spectral fortunetellers, and a lot of witchy goodness.

The module will have a limited print run, but if you won’t be attending Dundracon the adventure should be available for online for a while.

Also, the Goodman Games crew will be running 3 sessions of Iron Crypt of the Heretics. Wish I could be there to see those played. :)

And in other news …
I’m a…l…m…o…s…t done with this last module. I finally hit the groove last night, and all the pieces fell into place. A few more thousand words and then it should be ready for playtesting. I need to harass the McCoy family to see if their schedule has cleared up. Funny how I depend so much on folks I've yet to meet.

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At 1:55 PM, Blogger SnakeOil Sage said...

DCC #17.5?

At 8:51 AM, Blogger Paul S. Kemp said...


At 12:19 PM, Anonymous Erik Scott de Bie said...

Grim -- everything you write looks so fun.


At 1:31 PM, Blogger Grimbones said...

Thanks for the kind words, Erik. :)

We have a mother project coming out soon. GenCon is going to be crazy in terms of releases ...


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