And In the Darkness Bind Them...

Valentine's Day News: The ring went over great. A tiny band of wood, hand made, hidden in the back of a home made book of poetry by your truly. Best of all, the ring actually fit! I have a friend working on getting an on-line image database running, and if that works out I'll post some pictures. Let's hear it for the drimel tool.

Darkness Bound, ver II: So I'll just post this once - just in case the Lover ever does go on-line and begin doing searches - but I have access to a kiln, which may be able to melt silver. So, if I fashioned a ring from modeling wax, made a plaster cast, baked the cast to evaporate out the wax, and then melted down a silver spoon, I MIGHT just be able to make a fairly finished "promise"/engagement ring.

I'm sure this has been said on many forums before, but being bound in the darkness isn't necessarily a bad thing, depending on the company. ;)


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