You Know You're an Old Man When...

...you spend all your free time skating and then they ask you to join the Board of Directors.

Hah. What does that do to your "street cred"? Hehehe. Fortunately I never had any to begin with. But, yes, the youth center asked me to serve on their board. Of course I'm already toadying for the skate park, but what good is power if you don't abuse it?

As per my usual shy self, I was terrified going into the meeting, but it turned out to be very productive and left me all fired up to write grants and that sort of thing. The most exciting part is that we're really not cutting corners here. The kids are the very most important thing. End of story, the rest is all details.

I can live with that sort of idealism.

So the first thing I did was get in touch with a gentleman on the West Coast, Kevin Marks who used to own a skateshop in Colorado and now owns one in sunny San Diego. Cross your fingers, maybe Kevin will be able to help me find some people that can hook up the poorer kids in Brattleboro with some skateboards.

See, here is the deal. For kids, skating is cool because it is still anti-establishment, but it doesn't mess you up like chemicals. The way I see it, the more kids I can get skating, the fewer kids are doing drugs.

Falling down on concrete saves lives. It's just that simple.

More news on the budding foundation as it becomes available.


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