I stand Corrected.

Posted by Marcy:
Grimmy, Grimmy, Grimmy (said in a gently chiding voice)...there is ALWAYS significance in the giving of a ring to a woman, whether you mean for it to be there or not. A ring that you created with your own hands, sweat and blood, has even more significance, especially to the recipient.

That being said, I used to work with a guy who made a "promise" ring for his girlfriend...sort of a beaten metal ring, something that would not have been out of place on the set of the Flintstones. It was *awful*...those of us who saw it told him that sometimes, a hand-made gift is NOT the way to go, especially if you are creatively challenged. Sounds like you don't suffer from that problem...you should post a picture here after Valentine's Day. Good luck!

Ooh. It's been a long time since I was last chided, but that probably speaks to the quality of company I keep these days more than it does to my need to be chided.

Hell, I always need to be chided. :)

You're right, of course, Marcy. *blush*

I'll leave it at that so as not to bury myself too deeply. But thankfully this project worked. I hear what you are saying about the medieval style promise ring, and I fear that if I try to work metal that that might be the result. I promise that if it is, I won't give it to H.

I'm usually pretty good about keeping asthetics over pride. I don't think this blog can support pictures (I'm not cool enough to have it hosted via FTP on my own site) but I'll email some to Marcy and anyone who asks and you all can give me a heads up if it is a bad idea that I've blinded myself too....

Heh! Now there is an idea for a story!


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