Whither the Caves of Chaos?

So a friend and I were trying out play by post gaming. Some folks were following it, and in case any of you there followed the digital trail back here, let me take a moment to say that while the Caves have been temporarily discontinued, another play by post game has started up in the roleplaying forum of MNTS. The kind folks that provided the free commenting were great, but the comments are limited to 1000 characters, which is a bit tight. The new forum permits a little more story telling. Also, the game has been changed from fantasy to cyberpunk; D&D style play was too combat heavy. Hopefully dark future will have a bit more dialogue. We shall see. :)

Anyhow, check it out. System Error:End Run. (Shortened to SE:ER to up the neato rating.)

Writing:No! Last minute Valentines push.
Skating:See above.
Today's Soundtrack:Still more rap. The song that goes:
"They say that he's the man,
but I'm really I Thundercat."


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