This just in!

Straight from the e-mail pile:

Your sample and synopsis came through fine. We'll be collecting all the proposals over the next couple weeks and will try to have a decision made by the end of February.


Hear that, Nooc and Marcy? The end of freakin' Feb. This is worse than counting down to Christmas. Hell, we don't even know if we get presents! Ha!

E-mail submissions are great. It seems that most of the larger companies don't do them yet, but Wizards and Space&Time certainly do. The instant notification that, yes, your submission arrived is nice if you obsess over those sorts of things. I certainly do. No wasting money on certified priority mail!

Thank you, Technology, for making it easy to be an imbalanced individual!

Writing:Not tonight! Working on Valentine's Present. More details later, but as a hint, I am using powertools...
Skating:See above.
Today's Soundtrack:Rancid, with the line:
"Nihilistic feelings,
guess I'm moving.
If you try really hard,
You see right through them."


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