Odelaly, odelaly, golly what a day...

Just checking in, not enough time to cook up a real post. So here is what's going on:

Applying for my first teaching position. Anybody want to hang out in California/PacNW?
Organizing/editing my first anthology. Have the cover artist lined up, the stories coming in, now I just need to hire a graphic designer for the cover...aha, Spackle!
Submitting my first query to a d20 publisher. Is this really how it works?
FINALLY revising Engine Alley Project. Who knows, may publish the damn thing yet....

Meanwhile, life goes on.

What are we really doing as writers? Lately it is amazing me that we can actually get paid to write. Are my thoughts worth any money? Not really. I mean, hell, any monkey with a background in pulp fiction can have the same ideas I do. So what gives? Why are some of us getting paid and others not?

I don't know if it is really just putting in the (X)hours that are required to write the damn thing, but that it what it is looking like. Can that be right?


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