Quick, is that the sound Wolverine makes, or the Jaberwocky? Depends on your fantasy influences, I suppose.

Or how about option C: the sound of an editor editing.

Things for the anthology are clipping along smoothly, but it's quickly reaching that point where Grims the Cheerleader takes off the skirt, takes up the red pen and becomes Grims the Editor.

I hate this point. I'm not emotionally suited for this sort of work, but I refuse to put anything into the antho that I wouldn't buy myself, and I'm a pretty hard sell. That means sending stories back to authors and asking for re-writes, a dicey proposition when royalties are going to be little and/or none.

My dread of editing is mixed with genuine excitement and anticipation for the product. Spackle will be sending some cover designs back early next week, and I'm excited to see what he cooks up. That boy is a master of design.

If nothing else, it will look damn good. Style over substance, neh?

Kidding. I'm kidding.

Writing:My submission for the antho. See if I can hold myself to the same standards. Hah!
Skating:Not tonight. H & I are going to the movies!
Today's Soundtrack: *Laugh* From the Murphy song. Read this in the context of me being a softy editor:

"I'm not hard
I've got women to handle that.
They say that I'm the man,
but I'm really a Thundercat."

I'd like to be a Thundercat, but I'm not one yet. Soon though. ;)

Who Wants To Build A Sword Cane?
Oh, c'mon. You know you do.

Note to self: see if Alrunic has any hook-ups for cheap rapier blades.


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