Skating: Fencing was canceled last night, so in between buying justplainsilly amounts of neuro-toxins I had a chance to do some street skating. It was a beautiful night: the air was cool, the concrete dry and not a cop in sight.

Working at the skate park had allowed me to forget just how much I love street skating. You take something as benign and unextraordinary as a street curb and transform it into something else all together. Last night it was heel flipping onto the sidewalk and then *trying* tricks off.

Nothing dramatic, yet still the best skating I've ever done. Just me, the board and the concrete on some random night in March.

I love it.


The video sequel to "Old Men on Wheels" should be ready by Summer, '04! Got the spots, got the skaters, now I just need a freakin' camera. C'mon Editors, buy a book from me! (I'm supposed to hear about the short story for the anthology in the next two weeks. I'm too exausted to worry ... silver lining to the F/W cloud. :) )


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