Why I Fell In Love With Her, Reason #421
So I haven't seen a copy of S&T 98 yet. They were shipped to the Wyoming address, where my parents got a hold of them, and they're not letting go anytime soon.

Let me amend that. I hadn't seen a copy until H brought one in to my office. She had seen it in the window of a magazine shop downtown and snatched it up. Turned out it was the last one on the shelves. She was terribly excited, and this is the lady that doesn't read fantasy or sci-fi.

Getting published is great. Making the one you love joyous is even better. Of all the joys in the world, few compare.

Goblin Tails, or what's up with the anthology?
Back when MoP was my big issue, I used to spend a fair part of my days on the Wizards boards. If you spend much time on the boards, you've probably come across the
Once Upon A Time Forums, a place for writers to post their work. A lot of the material isn't great, but that's fine; this is a place for writer's to try out their pen and keyboard and get a little feedback. Hell, let's not cut hairs - the stuff I post is probably some of the worst garbage there, but who's keeping track?

Occasionally though, some brilliant writing shines through the open-post mud. Chuba the Goblin (created by Alrunic S.) is one such gem.

These days I rarely show up on the boards; time spent trolling is time that I really should be writing. But memories of Chuba stay with me, and in honor of Chuba - and those halcyon days of the Mopers - I decided to put together a brief anthology of stories celebrating those wonderfully terrible. Nothing much, just a handful of short stories by old board hands (Wallace, Azzadar, Fredgar, myself, and maybe one guest editor), but with Fredgar doing the art and Spackle (of T.I.N. fame) doing the cover design, it should look pretty slick - laminated stock cover and the whole 4.5 yards. I just need to do some heavy editing removing any WoTC specific material, but after that we should be set to go. This first set of prints will just go to the authors and Alrunic. We'll see where it goes from there.

So yes, it is an anthology, but the current print run is looking somewhere in the realm of 10 or so. Hah!

As for titles, alas if anyone has a better ideas for an anthology of goblin-inspired stories, please let me know. :)


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