Fall Down 6 Times, Get Up 7

So most of you know this by now, but the latest Wizards try out didn't clear the wall. Turns out they are already working on another book in the same series with a "strangely similar" plot to quote the Editor. Six months too late, it seems.

Fortunately I am blessed with a community of supportive folks, who are around to be cheerful, even when I don't want it. That, and I worship St. Marcey, patron of Dreamers and Fantasy Writers. So, yeah, I'm pissed, angry and bummed, but it is all working itself out in a healthy manner.

Mostly I'm really, really burning to get the next submission out. This one is sci-fi, and let me tell you, brother, it is going to be great. ;)

Much love to everyone that has been so kind, but don't worry about me. This is all part of the job description.

Writing: Sci-fi. And looking for indie house publishing for EAP. Any suggestions?
Skating: Landed a freaking' 180 to nose grind ... on a sloped metal rail ... with my 16 year old friend Eric watching. Fun. Never trust anyone over 16.
Today's Soundtrack: Cackle. I'm determined and solemn, it's raining outside and I'm nursing a hangover. So it has _got_ to be be the one and only Sisters of Mercy:

"Some people get by
with a little understanding;
some people get by
with a whole lot more.
I don't know
why you gotta be so undemanding.
One thing I know:
I want more.
I want more.

I need all the love I can get.
And I need all the love that I can't get, too."


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