A Decision in Seven Breaths*
You all know me as a hard-rolling publisher that spends his nights wining and dining industry elites. I'm also proud to say that I'm the boring, average fellow that dates the very wonderful woman named Heather.

We found out two weeks ago that Heather's father has pancreatic cancer.

We found out two days ago that the cancer is inoperable and will runs its course in 6 months, likely much less.

We decided yesterday that we needed to get married before her father passes. We are shooting for the weekend of June 20.

Seven breaths.

So, your buddy, pal, biggest fan and advocate, Grimbones, has a busy month ahead of him. But despite my shy, retiring nature, I have the adrenaline reserves of 12 large elephants. I do not anticipate this slowing the release of the anthology more than one month or so, but if we stretch into July, I humbly beg your understanding.

*Bad fantasy writing has informed me that a samurai should make a decision in the span of seven breaths.
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