The Night Wind's Siren Call
Beautiful night, tonight. I'm at work, one computer spitting out invitations to the wedding, the other sending off revisions for the book. I don't have the time, but I needed to get on to express how great these stories are.

Every single story in this collection is one that I never could have come up with. That's a great thing to say about a book. No cliched fantasy crawls here; there are original thoughts, plots and ... something else that rhymes with "aughts." Draughts? Goblin snots? Potent draughts?

Anyway, you get the idea.

So while MNTS and I are finishing up round 3 edits, you all should be moving on to the next big thing. Yes, GT is going to rock. Yes, ours is the best damn indie anthology to be published this year. But that is all for the reader. To you, the writer, we should be boring. We should be tired. We should be old blood, the corpse of work in your way as the ink flys off from your pen as you compose the next big thing ...

... because no one else can your stories, and you're some of the best writers I know.


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