Introducing: Daan Vinke!
Deciding to include black and white artwork in the antho was a gamble. The artists had to be professionals that could turn out quality work on deadline, be willing to work for slave wages AND have the flexibility to depict our favorite goblin in a number of unusual situations.

Therefore it is my honor to introduce just one of our many talented artists, Daan Vinke, aka Grimbones' savior. We had the incredible good fortune of "discovering" Daan. He hasn't been published before, but I think you'll agree that this won't be the last we see of him.

(Q. So what's the story behind this piece?

A. While many of Chuba's adventures are lighted hearted romps, a few in the anthology are dark - even somber - tales. In this particular story we find Chuba digging a very special grave. ;) )

Yes, and for the record: we rule.


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