Let Them Eat Cake
So TSG and MNTS have mentioned merchandise. This raises an interesting question since a t-shirt or poster is all art and not much story, leading one to believe that the artist should be the one getting paid.

Another argument would be that association that makes a t-shirt attractive is due to the stories, hence the writers of the book being advertised deserve a cut.

A third argument is that since we will likely be using CafePress, and since their products are over-priced to begin with, why not just sell them "at cost"? This way we - the fans and creators - get our goodies for as cheap as possible, we don't have to worry about anyone not making money, and we get as much advertising as possible out into the world.

I'm of the opinion that we should go with the third option, but of course I'm willing to entertain discussion.

The only caveat might be for products using the cover design. This was the most expensive piece of artwork and it would be nice to recover some of that. Once I made back a part of that expense (which I doubt will happen) I would drop the price back to CP's exorbitant prices. :)


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