We'll Sleep When We're Dead
Bloody hell, what a weekend.

Announcing to H's parents in the hospital + writing/editing + high-power artist negotiations ("We can't pay you much." "I'm okay with that.")+ writing/editing + wrapping my arm in fiberglass insulation, securing it with duct tape, and reaching inside a glowing kiln to retrieve a crucible filled with molten silver.

There. Any illusions you may have had about me being a cool and calculating craftsman should be properly dispelled. But the test-fire was a success. Will try the real deal later next week.

GT News: We are supposed to have our black and white cover art today. I'll post it just as soon as it is in.

And on a side note:
Grimbones: Underestimating the power of nature since 1974
1800 degrees F. is really, really, really hot.

You wouldn't think so. At least I didn't think so. But it was dark out, and when we lifted the lid off the kiln the night was lit bowels-of-hell red by the glowing fire bricks.

Yowsa. Adrenaline crash for hours.


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