For the Record
First, last and foremost: We will NOT use anyone's art work or stories without their permission. Just as the Press is willing to put the breaks on the project if Alrunic (owner of Chuba) says so, we will also stand behind and respect any visual artist that doesn't want to have art their work used in certain ways.

We are running a shoestring-cum-garotte operation here. We have the cumulative talent to turn out a kick ass product that rivals the best the industry can produce, but we can't pay the creators what their work is "worth."

The one thing we can offer (that the giants can't) is an intimate relationship with the work. We hold our authors and artists in the highest regard, and treat them accordingly. We will lay down in the street for you, post your bail, bake files into your cakes.

We aren't working with you so much as working FOR you. And it is in everyone's interest for us to bust the best indie anthology yet produced. End o' story. :)


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