Short thoughts and an Invite
One of the best things about Chuba's visual motif is that no one would ever mistake him for Gollum or the whiney goblin in Harry Potter. Chuba looks like Chuba. If that doesn't seem to be much of a feat, let me remind you about the Curse of Drizzt. Chuba isn't getting forehead armor on my shift, thank you very kindly.

I'm headed to Colorado, so things might be a bit more quiet around here. I'll be meeting with MNTS and hammering out the final table of contents, meeting with one of our artists, and pitching GT to some gaming stores. Good ol' Marshak's House of Fantasy. A friend had a check bounce there once, and when his mother got the bill she thought it was a "adult" video/bookstore.

Also you're all invited to the "bachelor" party, and I'll try to find room at the actual gig. (Although the party will be much more exciting. "Home-made" = wild magic in my house.) Let me know if you'll be around the NE come the end of June....


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